Shotgun vs Watermelon: Guess Which Wins (VIDEO)

A watermelon farmer is trying to promote his business by reminding folks that watermelons are some of the most explosive and delicious shooting targets on the market, Click 2 Houston reports.

Dale Flukinger of Flukinger Farms in Texas has had a tough time with his watermelon crop recently. He was barely able to break even because of a drought last year, and this year his melons are growing too quickly. Now, he’s left with a bunch of over-ripe watermelons.

So, he took a page out of Gallagher’s book and made this video with the help of his son-in-law. The clip is barely 10 seconds long, but it’s certainly long enough to show what happens when a watermelon and a shotgun get into an argument (spoiler: the shotgun wins).

It’s proved to be a brilliant marketing strategy. Ever since Flukinger’s son-in-law posted the video online, business has been booming. New customers have been visiting the farm – not to pick up some tasty summer treats, but to load up on shooting targets. After all, there are few things as satisfying as seeing your target explode into a thousand bits of fruity gore and delicious entrails.

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