Georgia Tech Students Crusading for Concealed Carry

WTVM reports that a crime wave in Atlanta has led students at Georgia Tech to begin campaigning for Students for Concealed Carry.

A few weeks ago, three Tech students were robbed off campus, and recently a student asleep in a dorm got a gun pointed at his head. For fellow students Robert Eager and Kyle Wilkins, enough was enough. Eager said, “Before, at least you knew if you got to your room you’re safe, and that’s no longer the case now.” Wilkins added that he doesn’t feel safe on campus, either.

So, they’ve picked up the Students for Concealed Carry banner and have been promoting the cause. They’ve been gathering support and Likes from sympathetic students and concerned parents on their new Facebook page.

Georgia Tech declined to participate in an interview with WTVM, but a spokesperson did add that the school complies with Board of Regents policy and state law. That’s good to hear, we suppose.

Eager and Wilkins are hoping that promoting the concealed carry cause will cause some positive change in campus and eventually lead to well-armed students. Eager added, “It gives you that element of there’s a chance this student is armed, and that gives you a bit more safety on campus.”

For updates, stay tuned to Thanks to Tactical-Life for picking up on this story. For more information on Students for Concealed Carry, visit their website. For all breaking gun news, keep browsing’s news feeds.

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