Yes, Size Matters: Gal Tests Out .500 Magnum Revolver (VIDEO)

YouTube user FateofDestinee has proved that .500 Magnum revolvers are for girls with this video clip.

The massive Smith & Wesson Model 500 looks intimidating in the hands of just about anybody, but in the comparatively smaller hands of FateofDestinee it looks positively gigantic. But don’t think for a second that this is too much gun for her to handle — she hits her target every time, despite the gun’s impressive heft and the bone-shaking recoil. Though, she does admit in the video’s description that her “arms just plain tire out from keeping 3.5lbs steady at the end of my reach.”

You can tell by the ear-to-ear smile and the shaky adrenaline that firing this gun is like a roller-coaster ride. FateofDestinee adds that shooting a 500 Magnum is like punching a brick wall: “When you shoot, you feel the recoil in your grip, but it also rocks back into your wrists and arms. I even feel the muscles in my shoulders and upper back tensing more with the extra effort that magnitude of recoil requires.”

A few of you readers might think that this gal looks familiar. We featured her video about sexism on the shooting range a while back. Well, evidently she’s out to prove that girly girls don’t have to stick with girly guns. You’ve gotta respect a girl who carries around a miniature hand cannon.

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