Five of the Most Unexpected Concealed Carry Spots (VIDEO)

Looking for a place to hide your piece where no one would ever expect to find it?

Well, around your neck may be unexpected enough for you, but not for, so we’re taking a look at a list of some of the most highly unlikely concealed carry spots we’ve heard of.

Inside a hat

North American Arms out of Provo, Utah makes a great little concealable pistol. The General Manager of NAA, related two highly unlikely carry spots to in the past that are worth telling again. First, inside the lining of a 10-gallon cowboy hat. The undercover police officer was told to come unarmed but instead opted to carry a tiny NAA. The drug dealers, unsuspecting of him being a police officer, were so impressed (the gun became known to them consciously through the course of his police work) that they asked to include the gun in the deal too.

Icy drink

The second story told by NAA about one of their small firearms happened on a beach in the middle of summer. Again, an undercover police officer was told to meet a drug dealer on the beach, unarmed and wearing only a Speedo to prove it. The sly covert cop opted to carry a NAA in his 7-11 Coke and ice cup…just in case. Who would have ever suspected that one?

Fat rolls

Okay, this one sounds rather gross…. literally, as in large and obese. News reports mentioned that a very large man was caught stealing a frozen turkey just before Thanksgiving one year. Where did he hide it? Yep, you guessed it; inside the lard roles of his chunky body. If someone can conceal a frozen turkey, they can hide a gun… and they have!

Pelvic girdle

There’s a reason why police and corrections officers perform a body cavity search prior to booking a suspect into jail. If you can imagine it, someone’s done it and there are plenty of strange people in the world. Mix that with illicit drugs and desperation and there’s no telling where a gun can be concealed. That aside, perhaps the most surreptitious (non-orifice) concealed carry spot is right at the pubic bone and pelvic girdle. The area tends to conceal handguns well, very well. Plus, a lot of people tend to disregard that area, both visually and sometimes during pat-gowns, since it’s near genitalia.

Bra holster

The last thing (or first thing depending on the gal) a man would expect to find underneath or in between a ladies’ breasts is a concealed firearm. Maybe in her purse, but not in her bra line, right? Well, for buxom babes in 2012 you’d be wrong. Unusual and effective. Combine that with the Flashbang Bra Holster and walaa, you’ve got an impressive place to put your piece…if you’re a woman, that is.

Until next time, continue to hone your skills and keep adding to your tactical toolbox.

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