American Silencer Association Sends Delegates to DC (VIDEO)

Tactical life reports that back in late June, six delegates from the American Silencer Association went to Martinsburg, West Virginia and DC to talk with politicians, strategize with gun rights advocates, and make this nifty mini-documentary.

Their primary objective was to establish contacts in Capitol Hill and within the NRA so that they could push for constructive change. Unfortunately, we don’t know who met with them beyond “one senator and three congressmen.”

During their conversations with these politicians, the ASA advocates spoke in the universal language (no, not math or love) – money. According to the documentary, “we informed them of our industry’s dramatic and continuous increase in size and the untenable burden that the current ATF procedures are placing on our manufacturers, our dealers, and our consumers.” Simply put, it’s just not economically wise to overregulate the gun industry.

They also met with ATF officials, who were kind enough to give them a tour of the facility. The highlight of that tour (in a depressing kind of way) was the thousands upon thousands of unprocessed documents that have been gradually building up since 2005 with the beginning of the gun boom.

The ATF explained that they were hoping to fix this problem by introducing an electronic form, which would be the “single largest technological jump in the way that forms are processed since the NFA’s conception.”

All in all, it looks like these guys really got around and made some valuable contacts. To paraphrase Casablanca, we hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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