How to Turn a Nail into an M16 Firing Pin (VIDEO)

Everyday No Days Off Gun Blog featured a video of a custom-built M16 firing pin that was constructed out of a modified duplex nail.

This isn’t what we’d call the most useful how-to instructional video in the world, but it’s certainly neat. A gun owner machined a basic store-bought duplex nail until it was functionally identical to an M16 firing pin. He put it into his gun and – sure enough – it worked like a charm.

Basically, he just gradually ground down and smoothed out a duplex nail until its dimensions were close to the original firing pin. Now, all we need is for YouTube user SunliteEnterprise to show us how to make the other 50 or so parts M16 parts and we’ll be good to go!

We hope that this guy puts up other videos of custom-built gun parts. Can he build a hammer (of the thumb-it-back kind) out of a hammer (of the nail-driving kind)? Can he build a selector out of a pair of pliers? We’d love to see this guy take power tools to an old, beat-up car and watch him transform the useless parts into a fully functional gun. Now that would be a great video.

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