Hutaree Militiamen Gets His 40+ Guns Back (VIDEO)

Thomas Piatek of Indiana’s Hutaree militia, after having been released from custody earlier this year, showed up to get his guns back from the federal government, ABC Local reports.

Piatek was initially held under suspicion of plotting to assassinate police officers and overthrow the federal government. A judge threw out the charges in March because the government could not prove that Piatek and others had actually formulated a plan. Unfortunately, Piatek had to spend two years behind bars during the investigation and trial.

Now that he’s a free man again, he’s ready to get his guns back – and not just a few guns, either. The load included 41 guns, about 100,000 rounds of ammunition, swords, and crossbows. Piatek and his supporters had to make two trips to haul it all back. A true-blue gun owner, Piatek admitted to ABC Local news that he came armed, “Just a piece, you know, whatever. You got a phone, keys, whatever. It ain’t a thing with me.”

Piatek received support from both his brother, who called Piatek a hero, and from his lawyer, who said “This is a victory for the Constitution.”

Still missing from his possessions were his three German Shepherds, which were seized. There is currently no word as to whether or not Piatek will be able to get his pooches back.

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