40 Caliber or 40 Proof? The Shots Gun Drink Dispenser

This clever little device, the Shots Gun, will appeal to drink mixers and gun fans alike.

What’s the only thing better than a gun that fires bullets? How about a gun that fires Jack Daniels? This drink dispenser replicates barroom convenience with the aesthetic that would make any cowboy feel right at home. Shots gun

You attach the pump system to a bottle of alcohol and then use the pump to build up pressure. But don’t let the pump-action system and the name “Shots Gun” fool you: the similarities with an actual shotgun stop there. The pressure sucks the alcohol up through the tube to your faithful miniature six-shooter, which appropriately dispenses the alcohol at the pull of a trigger.

And when you’re done mixing and ready to start drinking, the gun fits perfectly in the built-in sheriff holster that’s attached to the side of the pump. Keep the nozzle of your drink dispenser clean and look stylish while you’re at it!

Normally, we can’t condone mixing alcohol with firearms, but we think that this particular device is an exception. Grab one to impress your friends, entertain guests, or to have one of the most drunkenly awesome water pistol fights in history.

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