FN USA Adding FN P-12 to Their Shotgun Lineup

FN USA is announcing that they will be adding a new shotgun to their catalog, the FN P-12. The P-12 is a compact 12 gauge shotgun for all-purpose use, be it tactical, self-defense or hobby shooting.

“Perfect for home defense, general purpose and recreational shooting, the FN P-12 is the ‘Do-it-all’ tactical shotgun,’ said Ken Pfau, Senior Vice President for FN USA. “Coupled with its premium quality, this shotgun will certainly provide shooters with a distinct advantage.”

Invector ChokesThe FN P-12 features an 18-inch cantilever barrel, the shortest allowable by law without having to register the shotgun with the BATFE as a short-barreled shotgun (SBS). The barrel is chrome-lined for corrosion and wear resistance and is threaded for standard Invector chokes. The P-12 includes a factory-installed Improved Cylinder choke.

The FN P-12 features a Weaver rail for optics. While less common than Picatinny rails, most red dot sights will work just fine with it, further enhancing the rifle’s tactical qualities. The shotgun does also come with iron sights, a flip-up rear and fiber-optic front sight.

Capacity for this shotgun comes it at a standard 5+1 and has a 2-3/4-inch chamber. The P-12 looks like a cut-down version of FN’s Police Shotgun, which has a strong reputation for being easy to use with smooth controls and running well no matter what conditions its been through.

The MSRP is a tad on the high side, $655, although real-world prices are always significantly lower. That being said, you are buying an FNH shotgun with features that bring up the value of this shotgun quite a bit. If dealers choose to sell this at around the $500 price point, it will be competitive with other similar shotguns.

FN is manufacturing the P-12 at their facility in Viana, Portugal, and the first shipments to distributors will start this August.

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