Gun Owners Fight Off the Undead Horde at Outbreak Omega 5

Shooting Illustrated reports that gun owners brought just about every type of firearm imaginable (and a few weapons you probably wouldn’t have imagined) to the Outbreak Omega 5 zombie shoot-a-thon.

Combat LawnmowerBefore covering this story, we called all of our family members, distant relatives, friends, Facebook buddies, and old high school acquaintances. We are happy to report that nobody has been transformed into a zombie. We can infer from that good news that the Outbreak Omega 5 zombie shooting event was a success! None of the plastic, wooden, or metallic zombies escaped the confines of the camp to wreak undead havoc on the unsuspecting world.

We have a dedicated group of shooting enthusiasts and undead slayers to thank for this zombie-free day. Some shooters brought their trusty handguns with them to the competition, while others used shotguns, a true favorite among zombie poppers. Custom rifles with a zombie-themed green paint schemes also made an appearance.

Perhaps the most impressive weapons of war were the homemade assault vehicles. One man rode in on an ATV with a machine gun mount. Another brought his battle-ready lawnmower, complete with a weapons rack, a machine gun mount, and a metal sheathe for a baseball bat. Shoot the zombies dead, and then run them over: zombie brains, meet lawnmower blades.

It’s comforting to know that committed warriors like these will be more than ready to step up and defend the human race against the hungry dead if and when the zombie apocalypse finally comes. Keep up the good work, guys!

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