Practice Your Head Shots with the AT Tactical Torso

Downrange recently featured Action Target’s newest shooting target, the AT Tactical Torso. Normally, you wouldn’t think of a torso as being terribly high tech – after all, they’re usually just metal or paper cut in the shape of a human torso. The AT Tactical Torso, on the other hand, has a clever design that will help improve the accuracy of any gun owner.
tactical torso target
In addition to the conventional human silhouette, the AT Torso has two holes in it, a rectangle in the center mass of the torso and a triangle to represent the human face. Behind these holes are two steel plates, which get pushed backwards on a successful hit.

Typically, targets can only tell you whether or not you’ve hit based on the tell-tale ping, and you typically have to walk up closer to your target before you can tell where you hit. These swinging metal plates offer immediate visual confirmation as to whether you scored a center mass kill shot, a head shot, or just a mere hit.

Probably the best thing about the target is that it’s elegant in its simplicity. The metal plates operate on a simple gravity design, so they will immediately return to their former position after each hit. Also, all of the mechanical bits like bolts and screws are on the opposite side of the metal target to ensure that ricochet or splatter don’t damage any of the mechanisms.

The front of the target is composed of a hardened AR550 steel plate, and the back swinging plates are AR500 steel. Both of these metals should be tough enough to hold up against a daily barrage of gunfire. As far as shooting targets go, the AT Tactical Torso is really built to last. Action Target just needs to come up with zombie silhouettes and hoodie models to appeal to niche markets, and they’ll have a real money maker on their hands.

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