Giveaway: Deep Conceal Shoulder Holster (VIDEO)

The Deep Conceal Shoulder Holster is a very literal title. It’s a concealed carry rig designed to be worn under a shirt for deep — bad guy’s never gonna see it — concealment. In my opinion, it’s designed similar to a back brace in that it wraps around your body and over your shoulders, but instead of supporting your back it supports a handgun and extra magazines. It’s a comfortable design and ideal for a back up gun or situations that require you to wear more formal clothes — or with pants a gun may print through.

The Deep Conceal harness is made of a durable fabric that is comfortable to wear over an undershirt. There are two types of holsters: one that fits handguns with an overall length of 4 to 7 inches, and the other fits handguns measuring 6.5- to 9-inches in overall length. Other features are:

  • Right- or left-handed shooters
  • Eight different body sizes
  • Semi-autos or revolvers
  • White or black

It’s available for about $45 and it’s sold at the Deep Conceal website.

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