Eddie Bauer Sets its Sights on Sportsmen

The Eddie Bauer outdoor clothing and gear manufacturer is targeting sportsman with this new commercial and product line focused on hunting.

Gun manufacturers aren’t the only ones ready to start raking in the cash with the recent gun boom. Eddie Bauer’s wants to get in on the action, too. Most people might know the brand as a great pick for canoeing, camping, and hiking, but the company hopes to make a name for itself as the go-to brand for hunters.

Styles have certainly changed a lot since the company’s beginnings in 1920, but they boast that this newest brand of outdoor gear is an excellent blend of technology and tradition. Each item is field tested (in the literal sense of the word), as the products “built, tested, and perfected by our team of renowned guides. Nothing goes to market without their approval.”

It’s a little bit funny how carefully they edit the video. Do you notice that for a commercial that’s all about hunting, they don’t actually show a single shot fired or any hit animals? We’re not sure if these guys are supposed to be hunting at all. They might just be members of the much less popular “pointing guns at animals and then letting them get away” sport.

Well, the good news is that Eddie Bauer sells clothes for that, too.

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