Internet Users Brainstorm New Glock Slogan (VIDEO)

YouTube user TheYankeeMarshal created this satirical video for a few new Glock slogans.

He argues that even though Glocks are great weapons (he carries one himself), the current slogan of “Glock – Perfection” may not be very accurate. Since they can be a bit accident-prone, he suggests a few alternative Glock slogan ideas:

  • Glock – So Simple Even Cops Can Use Them
  • Glock – Because You Have A Small Penis
  • Glock – Gamers Think We’re Cool
  • Glock – You Never Know, It May Get You Laid / Stranger Things Have Happened
  • Glock – Tick, Tock… Dumbass
  • Glock – Maiming Rednecks Since 1982
  • Glock – You’ll Shoot Your Face Off, Kid

With a video like this, it was pretty much unavoidable that commenters would add a few jabs of their own.

  • Glock — The Bic Pen Of The Gun World
  • Glock — Everybody Can’t Be Wrong
  • Glock — Because You Can’t Afford an Ed Brown
  • Glock – More Accidental Discharges Than The Yankee Marshall
  • Glock — Abused by More Guys than Pamela Anderson
  • Glock — Shooting Everything but the Target

Ouch! Glocks aren’t getting a lot of love in the Internet community. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, it seems like every gun owner on Earth has a strong opinion about these (in)famous weapons. Do you guys have any of your own to share? Feel free to add any pro-Glock or anti-Glock slogans in the comments!

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