Smith & Wesson Offers Mail-In Rebates for Active and Retired Military

Guns Holsters and Gear reports that Smith & Wesson is offering mail-in rebates for military personnel.

Are you on active duty, retired, or a disabled member of the US military and reserves? If so, you can get between $30 and $100 knocked off from your next firearm purchase. Here’s the breakdown:

  • $30 Rebate: Revolvers.
  • $50 Rebate: M&P Pistols, but not M&P22 and M&P Shield pistols.
  • $100 Rebate: M&P Rifles, but not M&P15 Sport and M&P15-22 Rifles.

Smith & Wesson Rebate

As you might expect, there are a few exceptions. These purchases only apply to new weapons, and you have to be able to include a copy of your military ID card, your leave & earning statement and driver’s license, or your military orders and driver’s license. Once you’ve got all of those things in order, you can mail them in to get an automatic rebate.

It’s really not too bad of a deal. A hundred dollar bill for the cost of a postage stamp is well worth it. One thing you may want to consider is the type of weapon that you’re planning on purchasing. The rebates are a flat rate rather than a percentage, so it’s much more beneficial to purchase several cheap firearms rather than one really expensive one.

So, if any current or former military personnel are looking to buy half a dozen S&W firearms, now’s the time to strike!

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