Blindly Fieldstrip an AR-15 in Under 2 Minutes (VIDEO)

Rifle Shooter Mag put Field Editor David Fortier’s name on the line by charging him with the task of fieldstripping a Stag Arms 6.8 Model 5 AR-15 – while blindfolded.

The ability to strip down a rifle is a a point of pride for a lot of gun owners. Doing it quickly and correctly can be a challenging and rewarding personal test. Even the otherwise dim-witted Forrest Gump could get an ear-ringing gold star by efficiently disassembling his weapon.

Doing it while blindfolded, though, is a whole different task. Fortier manages to make it look easy by stripping it down and reassembling it correctly in just 1:31 minutes. Not too shabby! He gave the AR a test run and, assuming that they didn’t do any camera trickery with the jump cuts, the three shots he fires proves that he did it perfectly.

We’re impressed, but we have to say that Tom Hanks made it look cooler. What about our readers out there? Can any of you pull off the same feat?

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