US Marines Get Field Training in the Wild Australian Outback

Marines and Sailors with Company G., Battalion Landing Team 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit went to the land Down Under to practice live-fire operations.

Why Australia, of all places? Capt John Zaal, command officer Co. G., BLT 2/1, 31st MEU, said that the Marines would be able to get back to the “roots of patrolling fundamentals, patrol-based operations, and things like that, that Marines haven’t had a chance to necessarily concentrate on in the last five to ten years.”

Basically, the Marine Corps has been getting an absolutely incredible amount of urban warfare experience, but they’ve gotten a little bit rusty with combat scenarios in natural environments. As narrator Cpl. Jonathan Wright explained, spending three weeks in the Australian bush should help to round out these soldiers by helping them “add critical skills to their overall tactics, techniques, and procedures, making them all the more ready for the future.”

While the main focus of the story is certainly the US Marine Corps, we should take a moment to tip our hats to our Aussie buddies. It was awfully nice of them to let us come in and shoot up their forest, wasn’t it?

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