Pennsylvania Gun Owner Claims Self-Defense in Fatal Shooting

A Pennsylvania man is claiming self-defense after a home invasion has left a 21-year-old dead, Philly Burgs reports.

McKees Rocks police are still being fairly tight-lipped about the details of the shooting, but what we do know is that they released the shooter after questioning. The shooter claims that the alleged trespasser, Kalief Gates, forced his way into the gun owner’s first floor apartment, prompting the gun owner to defend himself. Gates was found dead in the bedroom.

Police are still investigating to see if the gun owner’s claims are valid, and they are uncertain as to whether or not Gates was armed when he broke into the home.

The fact that Gates was found in a stranger’s bedroom certainly lends evidence to the gun owner’s story. The state might have a case, however, based on the fact that Gates was shot once in the chest and twice in the head. Depending on the nature of these wounds, multiple head shots could upgrade this self-defense into a prosecutable case.

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