Wisconsin Adds Lethal Force Courses to Concealed Carry Application Process

Central Wisconsin Hub reports that the Wisconsin Department of Justice plans to require concealed carry applicants to undergo special firearm training courses.

These aren’t going to be your typical “This is how to use a gun safely” type of course (though applicants will still be required to pass those, too). These classes will educate applicants about de-escalation and the use of lethal force. They’re less about responsible gun ownership and more about responsible trigger-pulling and crisis management.

This news is a mixed bag that is sure to leave a lot of gun owners ambivalent. On the one hand, educating gun owners about lethal force and how to handle dangerous situations to maximize safety certainly isn’t a bad thing. In theory, these courses could prevent people from pulling the trigger when they probably shouldn’t.

Gun Safety

On the other hand, though, this rule will add even more steps to the already miles-long journey to firearm ownership. Applicants would have to prove that they received and passed the training, in addition to supplying certification for all other gun safety training courses. Sign here on the dotted line. And here, and here. Initial here, spin around twice, touch your nose, and sign here.

Gun safety can be pretty tricky sometimes, can’t? At what point does requiring gun safety stop being about gun safety, and start being about gun control? That’s a tough line to draw.

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