Act Like a Secret Agent with Hidden Gun Compartment Furniture (VIDEO)

Heels and Handguns featured secret compartment furniture that you can use to hide your firearms.

We’ve all seen a movie where some kind of secret agent / government assassin / vampire hunter presses a hidden button, which causes panels in the wall to slide away and reveal an arsenal of hundreds of guns. This furniture is kind of like that, but it’s much more affordable and practical.

Though, the purpose of this furniture isn’t quite what you’d think. In those movie clips, secret compartment furniture hides the guns from the evil antagonists of the film, like counter spies / other government assassins / murderous vampires. You could use this furniture to hide your secret gun cache, we suppose, but designer Richard Gilbert of Richard Gilbert Industries had a more practical application in mind.

One night, Gilbert was awakened by a terrible nightmare wherein he saw his young granddaughter climbing the chest of drawers where he kept his firearm. Gilbert decided to do something about it to ensure that his nightmare never became a reality.

Thus was born this line of secret compartment furniture, which allows gun owners to hide away their weapons in plain sight. The furniture comes in keyless models that can be accessed by anybody knowing where the hidden compartment is, though they also come with locked models that require special tools to access.

Each piece of furniture is custom made and costs between hundreds to thousands of dollars. Thousands of bucks might be a little bit pricy, but can you really put a number on safety?

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