Jessie Abbate Shows Off Super-Fast Shotgun Reload Technique

Jessie “Jasmine Jessie” Abbate showed off her quirky yet effective shotgun reloading technique for the Outdoor Channel.

Most of the time, we do things in a certain way because it’s the most obvious. A bit of creativity can completely change what’s normal. We used to load bullets into revolvers one at a time until some enterprising gunsmith created the speed loader. We used to fold shirts the same way our grandmas did until some random person invented the two-second fold.

Here, Jasmine Jessie shows off her odd but incredibly efficient over-the-top load, index load, and pinkie load, which were partially innovated by her husband, Billy “T.G. Reaper” Abbott. This technique allows her to fire six shots in rapid succession without getting slowed down by reload times.

She shoots like a well-oiled machine – no lag, no wasted movements, and no hesitation. We’re going to have to take her finger-load technique to the gun range and test it out. Hopefully, we’ll be able to pick up the technique without accidentally loading our fingers into the chamber, dropping shells all over the place, and just generally making a fool of ourselves.

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