How to Improve Your Pistol Grip Strength (VIDEO)

Everyday No Days Off has included this video of YouTube user JessBanda1 discussing exercises for pistol grip strength.

Listen up all of you girly, limp-wristed shooters. Are you ready to hit the gym, cut away all of your doughy flab, and get ripped?

Well, you could go to the gym if you wanted to, but if all you really care about is pistol grip strength, then you could just work it at home. That won’t do much to get rid of your love handles, but it should reduce the odds of somebody grabbing your gun and disarming you.

This clip featuring Jess Banda, a former US Navy diver, shows off a few forearm strengthening techniques. You might have spotted his article “Get a Grip” the September ’10 issue of SWAT Magazine.

He uses grippers with the rather intimidating name, “Captains of Crush.” They’re available in resistance levels ranging between 60 lb. and 365 lb (holy cow). Watch the vid to get a good idea of how to perform these exercises, but we’ve also included a quick breakdown:

  • Isometric Holds: Hold the grip handles together without allowing them to move for five seconds. Three reps. Rest 90 seconds and switch hands.
  • Upside Down Grips: More of a tip than an actual exercise, invert the grip to switch up which fingers are getting the workout.
  • Imperfect Grip: Intentionally practice with a bad grip on the tool to create more realistic training.
  • Tip: Move your arm in different positions while squeezing the grip in order to utilize different muscles.

We all have excuses for why we don’t want to go to the gym: too much money, driving there every day is too time-consuming, it’s boring, etc. You can’t really justify passing up grip training, though. These exercises are so inexpensive and easy to do that you can do while you recline in your desk chair and read!

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