Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight with This Rail Sheathe

Every Day No Days Off has featured this stylish gun knife sheathe from Top Knives.

This knife sheathe does seem to break the cardinal rule about fighting – don’t bring a knife to a gun fight – but considering that this sheathe also requires you to bring along a gun along with you, we think this might be an exception.
AK-47 With Knife Sheathe
The sheathe attaches to the side of a rifle, oriented forward to make it appear as though it’s part of the gun. The gunmetal black paint scheme gives it the perfect camouflage. Most non-gun owners would look at the sheathe and probably wouldn’t be able to figure out that this is a separate knife. At first glance, it might even fool a few gun owners into thinking that’s some kind of laser sight.

Of course, combat viability doesn’t seem to be the main purpose of the knife. The knife’s small size and lack of a hand guard suggests that this would be more useful as a tool than a weapon. It would still be pretty handy to have a rail sheathe on your favorite gun, especially for preppers and survivalists who want to shave a few pounds off of their bug-out bag or who want to pimp out their rifle.

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