NHL's Buffalo Sabres Receive Navy SEAL Training (VIDEO)

WGRZ reports that members of the NHL Buffalo Sabres signed up for some US Navy SEAL training.

Off-season training for a professional team can be a little intense. Long hours, countless drills, and tough workouts can leave players sore and exhausted, but ready for the coming sports season.

Athletes might think that these exercises are grueling, but it’s nothing compared to the gauntlet that Navy SEALs have to run every single day. Thirty-nine rookies and young players at the Buffalo Sabres’ development camp joined the Navy SEALS to go through some extreme physical training. They woke up at 4:30 every morning to run through drills, swim, perform squats, crunches, and a complete variety of other tasks that would leave the average Joe whimpering.

What’s so valuable about this training regimen is that it enhances every aspect of an individual. Sabre prospect Luke Adam explained, “It’s a lot of mental training. I don’t know if it’s as much a hockey player as it was a person. They said ‘we’re not training you from the neck down; we’re training you from the neck up.’”

Some of the events, such as carrying logs or moving oversized tires, required the hockey players to work in teams or small groups to accomplish the task. These exercises teach critical mental skills such as obedience, leadership, and camaraderie as well as developing important muscle groups.

To be honest, we feel a little bit sorry for any sports team that has to go up against the Sabres. How would you like to get tackled by a professional hockey player who’s been trained by the Navy SEALs? No thanks — we’ll pass.

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