Concealed Carry Permits Soar 24% in Kansas

This year, Kansas has received a record number of concealed carry permit applications, KFDI reports. It looks like Kansas citizens are jumping on the concealed carry bandwagon, joining the likes of gun owners in other states like Wisconsin and Massachusetts.

Kansas saw a respectable 9,400 applications for concealed carry permits in the 2011 fiscal year, but that number has climbed a whopping 24% in 2012. Attorney General Derek Schmidt said that this fiscal year, over 12,408 Kansans have been trying to get a concealed carry license.

That works out to about 49 new applications each work day, which doesn’t even include all of the requests to renew existing permits. That brings the approximate number of concealed carry permits in Kansas up to 44,000.

To help put that into perspective, the US Census estimates that the population of Kansas is 2,871,238. That means that about one out of every 65 Kansans is a concealed carry permit holder. That number isn’t incredibly high, but at the same time it’s nothing to sneeze at. Deranged gunmen in Kansas may want to think twice about opening fire on a crowd of Kansans, because there’s a 1 in 65 chance that a would-be victim will cut that murderous shooting spree short.

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