Gun Stories Online Fires a Tommy Gun in Super Slow-Mo

Michael Bane and Gunsite Academy’s Cory Trapp sat down to reminisce about one of the most famous American guns ever made, the Thompson submachine gun.

Decades after its heyday, the Tommy gun is still a popular pick at gun ranges. Trapp joked, “It’s one of the first things that everybody asks for in the submachine gun class. ‘Can I shoot the Thompson?’ Of course you can shoot the Thompson!”

As if pulling the trigger of a piece of history wasn’t already cool enough, the gun’s so easy to fire that people have a hard time putting it down. Trapp explained, “It’s insanely easy because you’re shooting a pistol round in a gun that weights more than 10 ½ pounds loaded. Recoil? How much recoil could there possibly be?”

Slow-Mo Tommy Gun

Trapp and Bane also bring the Thompson to the firing range (naturally) to squeeze off a few rounds under the lens of a high-speed camera. You ever see a Tommy gun in action in super slow-mo?

“You can see the slight delay between the actuator handle moving and the bolt handle moving,” Trapp added. You don’t usually get to see into the inner workings of a gun, but this gets you pretty close.

Watching that clip makes us green with envy. Anybody out there have a Tommy Gun they’re looking to get rid of?

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