Conservative Group Offers $100,000 Reward for Proof Linking White House to Fast and Furious (VIDEO)

A right-wing grassroots organization is offering up big bucks to anyone who has information on White House involvement in the fatally flawed Operation Fast and Furious.

The political group, Conservative Caucus is putting up the money for the reward, which is $100,000.

“If you have verifiable evidence that President Obama or one of his aides knew about Operation Fast & Furious while it was underway, Call 1-888-692-7374 toll free. This is your opportunity to save yourself before Operation Fast & Furious comes crashing down like Watergate,” the print ad published in the Washington Times read.

“The truth will come out. Will you be caught in the web of Operation Fast & Furious, or will you avoid jail time?” – the ad stated, as if addressing a culpable witness.

Critics have labeled the ad a publicity stunt, but leaders within the organization have said that it’s all in the pursuit of justice.

Conservative Caucus director Peter Thomas told Fox News, “We felt forced to run this advertisement and offer the $100,000 reward because justice was not being served, and we wanted to offer an opportunity to anyone who knows the truth” to come forward.

One can argue that House is also seeking the truth, hence its decision to cite Attorney General Eric Holder with contempt for his failure to cooperate with congressional investigators.

Along the way to contempt, Holder has steadfastly denied that his DOJ inner circle knew anything about the botched sting operation till shortly before the information became public (although evidence suggests otherwise).  Similarly, President Obama has claimed he did not know, nor approve, of the gunrunning bungle.

Currently, there are two Inspector Generals, DOJ and Homeland Security, running internal probes to find out who knew what, when and why they let it continue in the face of glaring operational concerns, i.e. guns falling into the hands of known Mexican drug cartels.

The IG for the DOJ is expected to release his report in August.  However, how much truth the report will contain – and whether it holds those in charge of the operation accountable – remains an issue of debate.

As for the ad, it was a waste of time, for two main reasons (a) $100,000 is nothing to Obama’s Washington cronies, those who have any real dirt or “verifiable” evidence (b) the ad presupposes that there isn’t already a direct link between President Obama and Fast and Furious.

To reiterate the first point, no D.C. insider is going to sell out his/her entire political career for $100,000.  He/she stands to make way more money keeping quiet about the whole ordeal.

As for the second reason, Obama blurred the line between Fast and Furious and the White House when he invoked executive privilege to prevent the House Oversight committee from gaining access to those internal DOJ documents.

Even if Obama didn’t know about the operation way back when, he is now covering for those that did, which seems, at least in my mind, to be what they call “obstruction of justice.”

The truth is, if we can’t serve justice to those who are responsible with the wealth of evidence already available, then we’re in bigger trouble than we thought.

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