Rule #1 for Life as a Criminal: Don't Accidentally Shoot Yourself with a Stolen Gun

WWLTV reports that a man was captured by police when he accidentally shot himself with a stolen gun. In this case, it looks like two wrongs do make a right.

New Orleans police responded to an aggravated battery call and found a man with a bullet wound. The man claimed that a black vehicle pulled up next to him, fired one round at him, and sped away. This all supposedly happened on a busy street in the middle of the day.

You don’t have to be a trained to detective to be able to tell that the man’s story reeks of BS. The man was transported to the hospital, giving police an opportunity to check out his shaky alibi. They investigated the scene, watched surveillance footage from nearby stores, and interviewed eyewitnesses. Their conclusion was that he was full of baloney.

They later returned to the hospital to re-interview the man and confront him with conflicting evidence. He folded, and admitted to accidentally shooting himself while he was trying to move his weapon from his backpack to his waistband (oops!), but then stashed the weapon on the scene before police arrived.

The police returned to the scene to retrieve the weapon, which turned out to be stolen. Adding insult to injury, they charged the man with possession of stolen property. Talk about a blunder — in this case, it really is true that a criminal’s biggest enemy is himself.

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