Fire Up Your Computer with this 8gb Flash Drive Bullet

Armory Blog featured this sexy bullet-shaped USB flash drive.

Bullet USBJust look at your car keys. They’re boring, aren’t they? They probably don’t say much more about you other than the type of car that you drive, and unless you followed the instructions we put up the other week about how to create your own shotgun shell keychain, then your keys probably don’t express your gun love, either. How can you call yourself a proponent of the Second Amendment if you keys aren’t making a stand?

This bullet-shaped USB flash drive might be the answer to your problem of boring car keys. Add one of these suckers to your key ring, and you’ll be sporting a high-caliber fashion accessory that’s as useful as it is stylin.’ The 3.5” USB flash drive holds 8gb of data and is available on Amazon for about 15 bucks, plus shipping.

It may be a tiny bit pricier than the shotgun keychain and it probably won’t appeal as much to the do-it-yourselfers out there, but this is a great pick for gun and electronic aficionados.

We’ve already ordered a couple for ourselves. Of course, we run a website about guns, so anything that combines electronics and firearms is right up our alley.

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