Connecticut Home Owner Shoots Naked Home Intruder (VIDEO)

WFSB reports that a homeowner in Milford, CT shot a naked thief in the chest.

Gerald Mirto, a 67-year-old homeowner was alerted by an odd sound outside of his home. He went to investigate and discovered something that he probably wasn’t expecting: a naked intruder who was trying to swipe his TV.

The intruder, 25-year-old Benjamin Prue, charged at the homeowner and began biting and hitting him. Mirto, who had wisely armed himself before investigating the noise, attempted to fire his legally-permitted gun into the air, but the weapon failed to go off. Wow, talk about a terrible time to have a gun malfunction.

WFSB Channel 3

Luckily, Mirto had a second firearm in the house. He was able to disengage himself from the naked thief, run upstairs, and return with the other weapon. Mirto fired one shot and struck Prue in the chest. Prue fled the scene, but he was later caught by police and rushed to the hospital. Prue is expected to be charged with home invasion, burglary, and assault.

Mirto’s fate is a little bit less certain. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated for the bite wounds, but it is unclear as to whether or not he will be charged with a crime. Connecticut does have a Castle Doctrine law, which allows an individual to use lethal force to defend his home. The state does not have a Stand Your Ground law, however. It looks like things will tip in Mirto’s favor, though, because Police Chief Keith Mello told Acorn-Online, “All indications from the evidence and from the homeowner is that he used force to protect himself and his home.”

Additionally, police found drugs in Prue’s vehicle. They have not revealed whether or not Prue was on drugs at the time, but considering on the fact that he was nakedly robbing someone, we wouldn’t be surprised if the drug test comes back positive.

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