One-Handed Shotgun Fail

YouTube user kenngalloway posted this clip of a shotgun fail.

The clip starts with someone off-screen (presumably the cameraman) saying, “Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart.” We’re guessing that not every one of our readers will catch that reference, but that’s a quote from the cult classic Army of Darkness. The undead-slaying hero of the film had to fire his shotgun one-handed because he replaced his right hand with a chainsaw. Yes, it is as ridiculous and as amazing as it sounds.

The shooter in this clip is trying to replicate actor Bruce Campbell’s one-handed shotgun shooting technique, but it’s clear that he would benefit from a few hours of working on his grip strength. As you might expect, limp-wristed shooters and shotguns don’t always go well together.

This clip is a little bit surprising because the shooter looks like the type of guy who would know his way around a gun. This goes to show you: you can’t just every book by its cover. Just because somebody dressed like Ted Nugent, that doesn’t make him an automatic gun expert.

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