From Shaky Aim to Ace Sniper: The G4S International Sniper Course

Tactical-Life reports that G4S International Training, Inc, the same company that provides security training programs to the US government and its military, will be offering some of the best sniper training that you can get outside of enlisting in the military. The training course, which will last from September 3rd through the 7th at the company’s Texas Campus, will teach basic sniper skills.

The course is directed at law enforcement, military, and qualified civilian personnel who want to learn the technical skills and the operational procedures to become an ace sniper.

Participants will learn how to correct for wind, score first-round hits from a cold barrel, and trace the bullet’s path to correct and make a second-round hit in case the first shot misses. They’ll also focus on precision scoped shooting during high-risk incidents, equipment, ballistics, ammo selection, weather effects, team techniques, concealment, stalking, and system maintenance. So, yeah, they pretty much cover everything you could possibly dream of, as well as a few things you probably couldn’t.

The only thing more extensive than the curriculum is the gigantic list of required equipment. Even the most devoted shooters and outdoorsmen will probably need to make trips to a few different stores to get every item. We won’t spam our readers with the whole list, but a few of the items include: pruning shears, entrenching tools, three camouflaged arrows, a calculator, and a “positive and motivated mental attitude.”

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