Idaho Police Want to Know if You Recognize This Shooter

Twin Falls police could use a hand identifying a man who shot another person in the leg, Idaho Statesman reports.

The shooting happened near Capital and Main streets in Boise at about 1:14 a.m. on April 15. We’d love to help, but they’re announcing this information a little bit late, aren’t they?

The unidentified man in the picture allegedly shot another man in the leg. The shooter and the victim both fled the scene, but the man who was shot later went to a hospital to receive treatment for the injury. The police believe that the shooting was gang-related.

If you happen to know who this person is, you can make an easy $1,000 by giving the police information that leads to an arrest. Just don’t try to take matters into your own hands and deliver vigilante justice! We all know what happens when you try to work outside of the law to capture a deranged criminal:

Looks painful.

Sgt. Jeff Basterrechea of the Boise Police Gang Unit said “A $1,000 reward is a small price to pay for the arrest of two people who have shown themselves to be dangerously reckless and irresponsible with regard to other people’s safety in a crowded area like Capitol and Main on a weekend.”

You can offer tips on the Crime Stopper website.

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