Check Out this Quirky Chinese Submachine Gun

The Firearm Blog featured a few pictures of a truly odd-looking Chinese submachine gun. At least, we think it’s Chinese. They’re all having a rough time identifying it. We’re also at a loss – this is the first time we’ve ever come across this… whatever it is.

Chinese Submachine Gun

The gun is at the Beijing Military Museum, and it’s been around since at least WWII. The receiver is extremely long, but the barrel is incredibly short. The fire control and the magazine release are both conveniently oriented so that they can be operated without taking your hand off the grip.

Chinese Submachine Gun

As you might expect, posters have been offering their guesses on the Firearm Blog, but they haven’t reached an overall consensus as to the mysterious firearm’s identity. Perhaps with the help of readers we can all put our collective gun expertise to the test and figure out the name and manufacturer of this firearm. A few guesses from Firearm Blog readers include:

  • Modded Smith & Wesson 1940 light rifle
  • Mors wz.39 submachine gun
  • UD M42 submachine gun
  • Czech ZH29

Can anybody out there shed some light on this?

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