Gun Owner Sings about 'Guns, Lies, and Upset Wives'

YouTube user FXhummel1 posted this clever song, “Guns, Lies, and Upset Wives.” He sings about the love triangle between a man, his wife, and his guns.

Women and guns don’t always mix well together. Some gun owners out there are lucky enough to have a gun-loving partner or an uninterested but tolerant spouse. If you’re not one of these people, then you’ll probably have to explain why buying that latest, greatest gun was a good purchase.

FXhummel1 frets, “You gotta promise not to tell my spouse / if she finds out she’ll kick me out of the house.” Of course, not every single line of the song is about angering the missus. He makes the jab, “Maybe I’ll get hired by the federal government / I’m good at lying and spending money I don’t have / that makes me overqualified to work for Uncle Sam.”

FXhummel1 doesn’t exactly have the most angelic voice in the world, but the humor in his songs make the video worthwhile. If he sounds familiar, it’s probably because you caught our earlier article about his song, “I Still Don’t Know the Difference Between a 5.56 and a .223.”

A lot of his stuff is pretty clever. We’ll have to see if he composes a complete album for his Internet fans. It’s not quite the type of stuff that we’d want to listen to on the daily drive to work, but it’s funny enough to warrant a few playthroughs

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