These Monkey Retracto-Plugs are as Cool as they Sound

Its Tactical featured these Mil-Spec Monkey Retracto-Plugs. Hearing protection is one of the most important pieces of any gun owner’s arsenal. Wearing earmuffs or earplugs is an absolute must unless you want to be deaf by the ripe old age of 50. The big problem with earplugs is that it’s practically impossible to hang onto them. They have a habit of wandering off to that same parallel dimension where your socks and car keys love to go.

These nifty little devices attach to the interior of your helmet, and a retractable cord allows you to pull the earplugs down whenever you want to use them. Once you’re done, just pop them out of your noggin and press the button to have the earplugs retract to a comfortable, out-of-the-way position.

This is one of those gadgets that makes you think, “Of course! It’s so simple. Why has nobody else invented this before?” Your earplugs will always be conveniently on-hand, and you also don’t have to worry about gross pocket lint sticking to your ear plugs.

The retractable device stays attached to your helmet with Velcro, so they can be easily removed and reattached to any other helmet you want. Gun owners who don’t use a helmet might still get a kick out of these — we don’t see any reason why you couldn’t attach these to the outside of a baseball cap. They may look a little goofy, but the convenience is well worth it.

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