Build Your Very Own Ammo Box Speaker

A how-to guide over at Instructables shows you how to transform your old, .50 caliber ammunition box into a set of speakers that are compatible with your mp3 player, laptop, phone, or whatever else you use to jam out. This project will be perfect for music lovers who want to add a bit of military or firearm style to their next party.

You can find a full list of necessary supplies and the how-to instructions on the website. A few of the items on the list include a computer power supply, egg carton foam, a 12 volt amplifier, and two 4” speakers. Altogether, it shouldn’t cost you more than about $50, which isn’t too shabby.

Ammo Speaker Supplies

Of course, that price tag assumes that you’ve got the tools lying around. You’re going to need a drill, a metal cutting tool, and a glue gun, so this project is best suited for do-it-yourselfers who already have a full tool shed. It might still be worth to go out and drop the extra cash on the power tools so that you can spend a rainy evening creating a totally unique ammo speaker.

All you need now is to transform your AK-47 into an electric guitar, and then you can exercise your Second Amendment right to rock peoples’ faces off.

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