Turnbull Manufacturing's TAR-10 .308 Work of Art

Turnbull Manufacturing is an apex manufacturer of classic replica firearms. They produce top-quality custom firearms that function identically to the original designs yet are made to modern standards when it comes to tolerances, materials quality and operation.

And while they’re most famous for their amazing, absolutely jaw-dropping 1911s as well as their Model 1886 rifles, Model 1895 rifles, and single-action revolvers, the latest addition to their catalog is no less a work of art, although its roots could be no further removed from the iconic firearms they are known for.

Turnbull TAR-10

Turnbull is introducing an AR-10 to their lineup, the Turnbull TAR-10 Rifle, and it is no less attractive than any of their other firearms, and may change the way you look at this utilitarian battlefield design.

This is one inspired AR. Drawing from the original AR-10 design, the TAR-10 incorporates a few changes that originate with the M4 platform, including an M4-profile barrel and carbine-length gas system. Most of the design is a throwback to the original AR-10, using a slick-sided upper receiver with no forward assist or shell deflector. The ejection port has no cover, either.

Turnbull TAR-10

While this does limit how clean these rifles stay in the field, it’s not likely that they’re going to spend too much time outside; no one doubts that these are shooters and would have no problems at the range or on the hunt, but with their lovely and unique steel receivers with their case-hardened finish, something tells us these are primarily for displaying above the mantle.

The upper and lower receivers are machined from 8620 carbon steel and colored with a proprietary Turnbull bone charcoal finishing process, and the handguard, grip and stock are cut from premium American walnut. The 16-inch 4150 chrome moly-vanadium steel barrel is fitted with a low-profile muzzle brake. Not readily apparent is the Magpul MOE trigger guard. The barrel and other non-Turnbull parts are made by Bushmaster and DPMS.

Turnbull TAR-10

Using steel adds to the weight of these rifles significantly. Unloaded and without a scope, the TAR-10 weighs 13 pounds. At least when it makes the trip to the range, you know it will be a soft shooter, even chambered in .308 Winchester.

If you want to take a guess at the price, go ahead. OK, it’s $4,995, not including any optics. We have to be honest, for an AR-10, you can spend as much money on a completely tacticool setup just as easily. But Turnbull’s TAR-10 is something you can pass down as an heirloom. Provided you don’t want to be buried with it.

Photo credit North American Whitetail.

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