Flashbang Holsters Adds Four New Holster Designs (VIDEO)

Flashbang Holsters, manufacturers of the Flashbang Bra Holster, have developed four new holster designs that are marketed towards women. These holsters are made to conceal small handguns under clothes that most women actually want to wear. 

They were an instant success, quickly adding new versions for a wide array of handguns. These new holsters maintain the same ideal, that women benefit from holsters designed around women’s apparel, even if some of these holsters draw from more traditional designs. 

Original Flashbang holster

The original Flashbang holster is designed to be worn centered at the front of the bra and hang down, and has expanded from holstering a collection of J-frame revolvers and .380s and is now available for over 30 models of popular concealed-carry handguns. 

Annie O holster

Flashbang has added the following models to their catalog, the Annie O, a straight-cant on-the-belt holster to be worn under a jacket or untucked shirt, and the Sophia, a minimalist in-the-belt holster that covers the trigger guard and that’s about it. The Betty is Flashbang’s newest tuckabled in-the-waistband holster, with a quick clip for easy removal. The Betty has an adjustable cant for all carry positions. 

the Marilyn holsterLastly, and in the spirit of the original Flashbang holster is the Marilyn. The Marilyn is an in-the-bra holster that works similarly to a shoulder holster and is accessed down the neck of your garment, and is suited for lower-cut outfits and sports bras alike. 

These holsters run about $40 each and are all made of modern materials including leather and heat-molded polymers. Flashbang also makes various-length (and color) mounting straps to better suit the bras they’re being used with. For more details about Flashbang Holsters’ holsters including where you can buy them, check out their website here

Flashbang Holsters is the project of Lisa Looper, who worked in the gun industry for seven years developing holsters and accessories before starting her own business with the intention of letting people carry and continue to dress as they choose.  

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