Armed Robber Foiled by Gun-Owning Store Clerk

We’re happy to bring you another dull, uninteresting story wherein nobody was killed, nobody was shot, nothing was stolen, and pretty much everybody involved came out of the ordeal A-OK. Why is boring news so thrilling? Well, if one average citizen hadn’t been carrying a firearm, there’s a fairly good chance that this news headline would have been a lot more news-worthy, but much more depressing.

A would-be robber was foiled in Roanoke, VA, when a store clerk pulled out a gun and fired a round at the thief. At least, we think that criminal was a thief. The gun-wielding citizen stopped the crime before it even got started, so it’s hard to tell exactly what the criminal’s intention was.

Aisha Johnson, a spokeswoman for the Roanoke City Police, explained that an unidentified man entered a grocery store this past Tuesday right before midnight and took out a gun. When the store clerk spotted the weapon, he pulled out a firearm of his own and took a single shot at the gun-wielding intruder.

That’s the universal message for “You’re not welcome here,” so the criminal wisely turned tail and fled the store. It’s great that the crime was prevented, but the only downside is that short crimes don’t leave a lot evidence. All that is known is the suspect is a black male and was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and jeans. Police are still looking for him, so if there are any readers out there with their ear to the criminal underbelly of Roanoke, you can contact Roanoke police at 540-853-5959.

It’s a bit funny, in a way. There are some places where you expect a gun to be present. Banks and a lot of corporate buildings have armed guards, and convenience stores owners are known to carry guns because they’re such a hotspot for robberies. But grocery stores? If one absolutely had to rob a place for whatever reason, they might assume that grocery stores and restaurants would have a lot of cash and not a lot of guns.

That’s probably the case in a lot of places around America, but one trend seen more and more (probably because of the recent uptick in gun love) is that criminals are risking their lives more and more every time they want to rob someone. Restaurant owners, store clerks, and average Joe Blow citizens are arming themselves as they go about their day-to-day business.

Luckily, this is one of those times when the good guy prevailed and the bad guy had to tuck his tail between his legs and skidaddle.

How would this robbery have gone differently if the store clerk wasn’t armed? Would the robber have simply taken the cash and fled, or would he have decided to leave no witnesses? It’s impossible to say, but there’s one thing we’re happy about: we’ll never know what would have happened, because this gun-owning citizen seized control of his own fate the second that he decided to carry a firearm.

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