Ruger's New Limited-Edition Bisley Stainless .44 Magnum

Ruger has been busy filling orders and coming up with new products this year, but this month they have announced several new and interesting limited distributor-edition firearms that have drawn quite a bit of attention. Their most recent announcement is a new six-shot Bisley-style Super Blackhawk chambered in .44 Magnum.

There are several differences between this and Ruger’s other Bisleys. Of note is Ruger’s satin stainless steel finish not common to single-action revolvers, as well as the short 3-3/4-inch barrel. Despite the shorter barrel, Ruger’s Bisley still weighs in at a hefty 44 ounces, with plenty of mass to keep the recoil down.

Ruger's New Limited-Edition Bisley Stainless .44 Magnum

The end result is a .44 magnum that’s easy to handle and even carry. .44 Magnum can be loaded to incredibly-high energy levels, upwards of twice the power of some .357 Magnum loads. This promises to be a fun gun at the range and a good woods gun in a pinch.Ruger's New Limited-Edition Bisley Stainless .44 Magnum

Other features that make this one attractive .44 are the black laminate grips inlaid with Ruger’s logo, an adjustable rear sight and replaceable pinned front sight and a slick non-fluted cylinder. It also delivers on the little Bisley details, like the wide, flat trigger and curvaceous serrated hammer.

Like Lipsey’s Jason Cloessner says, “If you are looking for a ‘little big gun’ for the woods, this is the one for you.” You can see their product page and other details about the limited-edition Stainless Ruger Bisley .44 Magnum on Lipsey’s product page here.

The original Bisley revolver was a special-edition Colt Single Action Army, and was quite successful. Introduced in 1894, Colt’s Bisley was named after Bisley, a Surrey-county village in England famous for their shooting ranges, and was chambered in a variety of calibers, including .32-20, .38-40, .44-40, .41 and .45 Colt and .450 and .455 Eley.

An original Colt Bisley Flattop Target.
An original Colt Bisley Flattop Target.

Although marketed as a target revolver, the Bisley was a popular sidearm because of its superior ergonomics, controls and adjustable, interchangeable sights.

Ruger’s standard Blackhawk Bisleys are available with 7.5-inch barrels, have a deep blue finish and are chambered in .44 Magnum and .45 Colt. Ruger also makes a full-size New Blackhawk Bisley Hunter with a stainless steel finish.

The MSRP for Lipsey’s “little big gun” is $784, and we expect real-world prices to be around $650.

Photo credit Autry.

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