Keeping things light: Another look at the minimalist Versacarry holster

We came across another review of the Versacarry holster recently, and we can’t help it, this new and different holster deserves more attention. The Versacarry holster is a recent and innovative, if controversial way to carry a firearm.

It is an in-the-waistband style holster of an extremely minimal design. The second-generation design is clearly an improvement over the original but not much less disputable.

It’s a controversial design because it’s only slightly more holster than no holster whatsoever. The Versacarry is just a clip that runs from inside the barrel up and around the pistol, with a clip attached to it for your belt.

The Versacarry keeps the gun from falling into your clothes but uses your belt and waistband as the primary means of retention. The original design didn’t even have any way to shield the trigger guard.

Glock and Versacarrys

The second-generation Versacarry adds a small extension that projects along the length of the holster to prevent something from activating the trigger through your clothes. And that’s it, that’s the whole holster. If Versacarry made underwear they’d be in the g-string business.

But there are also clear benefits to the Versacarry design. The trigger shield is a solid, if necessary improvement. The Versacarry adds the least possible mass and bulk to your everday-carry pistol, and without a doubt allows its users to wear a wider variety of clothes. It also leaves the dust cover of your gun open for accessories like lights and laser sights, and the over-the-belt clip design means you can take off the holster easily without having to undress.

Versacarry-holstered Glock

It’s also a somewhat universal design. With each holster having different barrel inserts for different calibers, and having no gun-specific molds, one Versacarry holster can be used with a wide variety of semi-automatic handguns. Versacarry is working on a set of holsters for revolvers—because of the fundamentally different shape, revolvers will require a different holster pattern.

The Versacarry is a very lightweight and comfortable holster, deviously simple and easy to wear and use, as many reviews are quick to point out, including our own.

“When secured onto my waistband, the gun was comfortable to carry and there was no difficulty drawing the pistol with one hand. It also holds the gun pretty securely in the waistband making it really easy to conceal even while wearing a thin T-shirt.”

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, however. Without a surface between you and your carry piece, if your gun has wide or sharp controls, you’re going to run into comfort issues. It also provides no protection for your gun from sweat or yourself from gun oil. It’s an intimate way to carry. Also, with one single belt clip that’s not adjustable for cant, you don’t have a large amount of flexibility in how you wear your gun. Lastly, Versacarry discourages using this holster with a gun with a round chambered, presumably to protect themselves.

Looking at the Versacarry again, we’re still impressed with what this holster is, even as we are aware of what this holster isn’t. But if you’re looking to shed some bulk from your concealed-carry kit, are a minimalist or just want to try something new, check out the Versacarry. What is possibly the best part about the Versacarry is the price. At $25 or less, it’s an easy holster to try for yourself without worrying about wasting money if it turns out it’s not for you.

Photo credit the Armory Blog.

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