Why You Shouldn't Shoot Shotguns Like Hand Pistols (VIDEO)

Hey, guys, I’ve got a great idea! I’m going to hold a 12 gauge shotgun directly in front of my face like a pistol and pull the trigger!

You don’t need to be a nuclear physicists to be able to guess what was about to happen next. Fooling around with shotgun recoil is just asking to get a black eye, a broken nose or a few loose teeth. 

Of course, you can never be fully sure about videos like this. Is this a genuine moment of stupidity caught on tape, or did the shooter turn his face away from the camera to conveniently hide the fact that he was faking it?

We did a bit of sleuthing, which is to say that we tracked down the website that posted it and poked through the video description and comments section. We weren’t able to find much about the video’s validity, but we did catch a few dozen snarky remarks.  

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • I hope the shotguns ok. –ThomasHawkwood
  • Teeth are over rated anyway… –adsensus
  • There’s a reason it has a stock. –TheColdCanadian1
  • I guess no more using your teeth to open those bottles of Budweiser… –UnbrokenCheese

If shotgun fail videos happen to be your thing, FailsWorldTV has a handful of other videos about people getting owned by their own firearms.

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