Taurus makes pledge to manufacture better guns (VIDEO)

Taurus is coming forward with a pledge to deliver on better products. This isn’t the first time this year that CEO Mark Kresser and Taurus made this assertion—and this re-affirmation is welcome—we do hope to see Taurus deliver soon. We don’t want this promise to be empty.

In all honesty, we don’t doubt that Taurus can make a good gun. Even really impressive guns. Taurus is a leader when it comes to modifying existing designs in ways that are truly innovative and have even forced their competition to adapt because of them—the success of the Taurus Judge .410 bore revolvers was so great that it forced other companies, including Smith & Wesson, to follow suit.

What Taurus does not have is quality control of the first order. Or maybe even the second order. And while they do have a very good warranty, sometimes getting warranty service from Taurus is an uphill battle. This means that while most people get fine firearms from Taurus, more than a few don’t, and then find themselves with an unfixable problem.

Taurus 22PLYTaurus is also an extremely high-volume manufacturer. One reason why they have a large number of problematic guns is that they sell a tremendous total number of guns. If just a small percentage of those are faulty, the resulting total is going to be big.

Still, their percentages are worse than many other firearms manufacturers, and they know it, and they intend to change that. Taurus has been making a lot of changes lately, including acquiring Heritage Manufacturing and hiring on world champion shooter Jessie Harrison-Duff as part of their effort to deliver higher-quality products and improve their reputation.

We want Taurus to be a great gun company. We’ve enjoyed their guns a great deal, even as we are aware of the company’s shortcomings. We also like this pledge, but we can’t help but notice that it’s short on details. We want to know what Taurus is actually going to do to make their company, brand and product better—we want specifics.

Taurus has a large and varied catalog of firearms, many of which are patterned off older designs and lapsed patents. Some of their products are original and extremely well-thought out and ahead of the curve. And just as importantly, they’re very affordable. Even their time-tested 1911 and revolver designs are appealing for price reasons alone.

We know that for the most part, no matter what Taurus says they’re doing, only time will prove that their products are better. But some details about what they intend to improve and how would also be nice.

For those of you who wouldn’t buy a Taurus with someone else’s money, what would it take to change your mind about their handguns? If you don’t like their guns, or have been burned by a bad one, what would Taurus have to do to right themselves in your eyes?

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