New Scorpion Gen 2 grips for SIG 556 from Manticore

Manticore Arms, Inc. has expanded on their line of SIG 556 accessories with an updated replacement polymer pistol grip, the Scorpion Gen 2. The Scorpion Gen 2 comes in several different colors, including three to match Magpul PMAGs.

The Scorpion Gen 2 is less aggressive with a more vertical cant perpendicular to the bore. This type of grip is becoming more popular with shooters who use their rifles with the stocks shortened or collapsed and a squared-off stance. The grip has a deep scallop at the top to give the user a higher grip on it as well.

They are molded with crosshatched 25 line-per-inch checkering on the sides of the grip and deep grooves in the front offer a lot of positive traction, even if you’re hands are sweaty or dirty. The Scorpion Grip weighs just 4.4 ounces, and appropriately enough is made in the USA. Each Scorpiion Gen 2 comes with a mounting bolt, nut, a washer, and instructions. If you need them.

Manticore Arms Scorpion Gen 2 grips for SIG 556

You have your pick of colors from the tactical rainbow, with grips made in desert tan, flat dark earth, olive drab, foliage green and of course black.

The Scorpion grip is compatible with all models of SIG 556, SIG 522, and SIG 551A1 including the SIG 556 Classic, SIG 556R, SIG 556 pistols and the early SIG 556 with the M4 stock.

The SIG 556 is a great rifle with many hard-core fans but very little aftermarket support. Manticore Arms is a welcome name in that they actually make numerous 556-specific accessories, including color-matched trigger guards as well as an extended magazine release. They’re also working on replacement safety levers of two different styles.

Manticore Arms Scorpion Gen 2 grips on SIG 556

It is possible to use some AR grips with 556 rifles and but not without modification. And even though these are made exclusively for SIG 556 rifles, they don’t command custom prices. Manticore Arms has the Scorpion grips listed for $38, and matching trigger guards for $17. The extended magazine release will run you $34.

Manticore Arms also manufactures accessories for other less common rifles, including AK-pattern rifles and Steyr AUG bullpups (and their MSAR counterparts).

The SIG 556 is a variant of the SG 551 developed for the American market and made in Exeter, N.H. It is a semi-automatic long-stroke gas-piston-operated 5.56 NATO rifle that has been made to accept common AR-15/M16/M4/STANAG magazines. It’s offered in many different configurations, including the 556R variant, which is chambered in 7.62x39mm and uses AK magazines.

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