Thief Seconds Away from Freedom -- Until Gun-Wielding Neighbor Stops Him

Gun advocates have been saying for some time now that if we could just get a firearm into every single house across America, then crime rates would plummet. That’s a rather ambitious goal, but the good news is that it looks like we only need to hit about half that number. We can deter criminals by getting guns into every other household.

One upstanding gun owner in Chattanooga, Tennessee proved that he’s the type of neighbor everybody would want to have when he rescued his neighbor’s stuff from a sticky-fingered thief.

According to reports, some home owners were going out of state due health-related issues and asked their neighbor to watch after their house for them. That’s the type of thing we ask neighbors all the time, and what we typically mean by that is, “If you see our house on fire, call 911.” We don’t mean, “If you see a crime on our property, go into Rambo mode and run out guns blazing.”

Well, even though they made this very simple request, this neighbor took his job very seriously. After the home owners left, the neighbor noticed a strange man walking across his yard. He watched the intruder (wouldn’t you?) as he entered the home owners’ patio and broke into the now empty house.

The neighbor took the sensible approach first and called police. But we’re all familiar with that old chestnut: “When seconds matter, the police are just minutes away.” The neighbor was still in the middle of the phone call when he spotted the would-be thief leave the house carrying several boxes. It was later revealed that the boxes contained jewelry and other valuables.

That’s when the neighbor decided to take things into his own hands. He grabbed his gun, went outside, and trained his firearm on the intruder. By the time that the police arrived, 37-year-old James Kelly Glover, the would-be thief, was lying on the ground waiting to get arrested. The hawk-eyed neighbor had kept his gun pointed at Glover the whole time.

The cops took Glover away and charged him with aggravated burglary, theft of property, and vandalism. The neighbor has not been charged, but when the home owners return we can assume that they’re going to bake him up a kickass pie and give him a warm “thank you.”

Gun owners can be pretty gung-ho about defending their property, but what about neighbors’ property? Would you potentially risk your life in an attempt to save your neighbor’s life or possessions from a criminal? Would your first reaction be to help out your fellow man, or would you be too concerned about getting charged for trying to do the right thing?

After all, this guy got charged for using a gun to stop a thief, though the situation was a little bit different. So, what’s the verdict: do you keep your nose out of other peoples’ business, or would you rather treat your neighbors the way you hope they would treat you?

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