Bargain Hunting: Palmetto State Armory Labor Day Upper Madness and AR-15 Parts Sale

Palmetto State Armory is having a sale on completed AR-15 uppers for the upcoming Labor Day holiday. They’ve selected 10 carbine-length uppers in various configurations and priced them all at or below $300.

The completed uppers range from $270 for a basic M4-style upper receiver with a simple chrome moly vanadium-steel barrel to $300 for uppers with hammer-forged, magnetic particle-tested and mil-spec phosphate-coated extra-thick chrome-lined barrels.

Palmetto State Armory uppers
Palmetto State Armory uppers

This Labor Day sale includes lightweight-, standard- and heavy-barreled uppers with carbine-length and mid-length gas systems. And while most of the uppers are chambered for 5.56 NATO, they have a couple of uppers chambered for 6.8mm SPC, including one mid-length upper with an 18-inch stainless steel barrel for just $280.

There are a couple hidden cost for these uppers, but even still they’re a good deal. They don’t include a bolt, bolt carrier group, charging handle or rear sight. Fortunately, those are also on sale over at Palmetto State Armory. They’re having a parts sale, too, where you can get a heavier full-auto-rated M16 bolt carrier group for $130 ($10 off), a charging handle for just $15 ($8 off) and a flattop carrying-handle-type rear sight for $55 ($15 off).

Palmetto State Armory parts

All you need is a lower and a magazine or two and you’re good to go. Palmetto sells stripped lower receivers for $100 and as would have it, their lower build kits are on sale for as little as $80, which is a $35 savings. So for under $700, you could have yourself a complete AR that’s made to mil-spec with full-auto-rated parts.

Or you can instead get a New Frontier Armory ultralight polymer lower and save another $70 over a pure Palmetto State Armory build and not have assemble the lower yourself to boot.

We’ve mentioned New Frontier Armory in the past. They make a complete, assembled lower receiver with a list price of just $110. The LW-15 is a “zero slop” polymer lower receiver made to extremely tight tolerances, but also to be inexpensive without sacrificing reliability, just cost and weight. The LW-15 weighs almost half a pound less than a standard AR-15 lower.

New Frontier Armory lower

Based on the Plum Crazy design but with an updated polymer, the LW-15 is otherwise mil-spec receiver that accepts all standard aftermarket parts if you decide to throw some upgrades on it down the road.

Combined with a lightweight Palmetto upper receiver, you could build a super-light AR-15 rifle for less than $600 that doesn’t cut features or build quality.

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