Gun Owner Fatally Shoots Would-Be Thief in Dollar Store Shootout

Would-be thieves really ought to start checking up on their local concealed carry laws before they try to rob places. One robber was fatally shot during a botched robbery attempt because of one citizen with a concealed carry permit.

A 57-year-old grandfather from Jacksonville, Florida decided to stop at a dollar store on his way home from work. He was planning on picking up a few items that his wife had asked him to grab earlier in the day – what he probably wasn’t expecting was to walk into an armed robbery.

At around 9:20 p.m., two armed men stormed the dollar store and threatened the two employees working there. Lt. Rob Schoonover of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office described the event, “One of them had the clerk and one of them was at the front cash register.”

Talk about terrible luck for these would-be thieves because the one and only customer in the store just happened to be a concealed carrier and a skilled marksman. The customer drew his weapon and opened fire on one of the suspects, striking him two to three times, killing him. The other suspect wisely fled the scene.

Police arrived to find 19-year-old Rakeem Odoms dead on arrival. Odoms’ partner in crime, Aundre Campbell, has since been caught by police and hit with felony murder charges because the death happened while the two were committing a crime.

The identity of this Good Samaritan who happened to be at the right place at the right time (and do the right thing) remains a mystery. Authorities did not disclose the shooter’s identity because the second suspect was at large at the time. Even though they’ve found Campbell, they haven’t given the shooter’s name. It’s too bad – he deserves a pat on the back.

What we do know about this mysterious hero, though, is that he knows his way around a firearm. His wife said, “He’s always been a marksman. He shoots in competitions, but this is the first time he’s ever killed anyone and I don’t know how he’ll handle that.”

The best news out of all of this is that the gun-toting grandfather is not expected to face charges. The cops actually sound pretty happy that this gun owner stepped up to the plate.

Shoonover added, “The citizen did not get shot, none of the employees were hurt, this worked out good tonight.”

Saying that the situation went well is kind of an understatement. In a way, this was the ideal scenario for a shootout between armed robbers and an armed citizen (if there is such a thing as an ideal situation for shootouts). Compare it to this shooting an Internet café. Not only did that gun owner have to pick his targets out of a room full of people, but he also had to worry about protecting his wife. In this dollar store shooting, on the other hand, there was a much lower risk of accidentally shooting bystanders.

We aren’t saying it’s ideal that the robber was shot – that’s certainly unfortunate – it’s just that this gun owner was able to do what he needed to do to protect himself and the store employees.

A story like this really makes you wonder whether or not a life-or-death scenario lies ahead of you. Who would have thought that something as innocent as a grocery list could eventually lead to one human being pulling the trigger on a complete stranger? That just goes to show you – you’ve really got to expect the unexpected. A situation that requires you to draw your weapon could present itself anyplace, at any time.

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