Security Footage of Shootout Between Lone Security Guard and Three Thieves (VIDEO)

We’ve been covering gun news for a while now, and we’re noticing a new trend: don’t try to rob an Internet café unless you want to catch a few bullets. Some of our readers might remember this story from July when a gun owner blasted two armed robbers in an Internet café. Well, you know how the old thieves’ motto goes: If at first you don’t succeed, try and get shot at again. A trio of would-be robbers stormed into an Internet café in Melbourne, Florida (the same state as the other Internet café shooting), before retreating under a hail of gunfire.

The hero of this story? An unnamed security guard. Check out Rambo in action:

Wow, he goes from sitting with a holstered gun to squeezing off aimed shots in under three seconds. We’d be lucky to pull off speeds like that on the gun range, let alone after several hours of monotonous security guard work.

But we aren’t the only ones impressed by Quickdraw McGraw here. Melbourne Police Sgt. Sheridan Shelley told WESH-TV, “I was quite impressed with his reaction.”

Police won’t be charging the security guard. If anything, they’re glad that he was on duty that night. “The security guard’s actions were completely justified in relation to what he was facing coming in the door,” Shelley added. “It’s maybe a job where you sit for hours and something like this may never happen in your career but for it to happen and to react that quickly says something about his mindset.” 

It makes us think back to gun usage 101. Your best weapon in any dangerous situation isn’t your firearm, it’s your brain. This security guard was calm, collected, patient, and carefully picked his shots from behind cover to turn the tables in the blink of an eye. We admit that we don’t know much about this security guard beyond what you see in the footage (the police have not released his identity because some of the robbers are still at large), but it definitely looks like this guy is

a veteran gun user.

Security Guard ShootoutSpeaking of our unlucky robbers, what happened to them by the end of this unexpected shootout? Well, one of the robbers, 18-year-old Mark Spivey, lost his shoes and his gun but gained a bullet (a pretty awful trade if you ask us). He has recovered from his wounds and he is not cooperating with police, so his two accomplices are on the loose.

They’re probably out with their buddies bragging about how badass they are: “Yeah, we totally robbed a place for like two seconds. That’s a new record for us.”

Let’s just hope that the other two criminals are caught so that this anonymous security guard can step up and receive the public support that he deserves. He prevented a robbery at the very least, and he may have even saved lives. Good on ya, mystery man. We could use more responsible (and deadly accurate) gun users out there.

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