Browning adds two new X-Bolt big game rifles chambered in .375 H&H Magnum

Browning is announcing two new models of X-Bolt rifle chambered in the powerful .375 Holland & Holland Magnum for the discriminating and perhaps globe-trotting hunter.

One is the new X-Bolt Hunter and the other the X-Bolt Medallion with open sights.

Both new rifles follow in the footsteps of Browning’s more utilitarian X-Bolt Stainless Stalker with open sights, a lightweight X-Bolt rifle also chambered in .375 H&H Magnum, but with a simple finish and synthetic stock. These new rifles add both mass and class with American Walnut stocks and deep blue finishes.

The X-Bolt Hunter has a low-luster blue finished steel receiver and tasteful satin-finished stock.

The Medallion features a glossed blue finish and a stock to match, walnut with rosewood inlaid at the forend and pistol grip cap. Both have checkering on the grip and the forearm of the stock for traction and control.

X-Bolt Hunter

And both rifles showcase the many excellent X-Bolt features, including receivers that are drilled and tapped at the factory for scopes, a glass-bedded stock and free-floating barrel, and a hand-cut chamber and target crown.

These rifles share the 60-degree bolts and detachable rotary magazines that don’t interfere with optics as the other rifles in the X-Bolt family, as well as the three-position safety that allows you to work the action with the safety still engaged. They also have Browning’s Feather Trigger that is screw-adjustable between three and five pounds.

Apart from the finishes, the major functional difference between the two is that the Medallion has iron sights where the Hunter does not and requires an optic.

The Hunter is perfect for the sportsman who wishes to keep a low profile in the field with its matte finishes while the Medallion is made for the hunter who prefers to showcase his or her handcrafted rifles. And of course, both rifles have Browning’s Inflex buttpads because no matter how much experience you have, .375 H&H Magnum is no soft shooter.

X-Bolt Medallion Open Sights

Holland & Holland developed the .375 H&H Magnum in 1912 and it has seen a full century of continued use. This cartridge was designed to take advantage of the latest in smokeless powders and most loads make about 4,500 foot-pounds of energy.

This cartridge pushes a fast-moving (2,600-3,200 feet-per-second) 200-300 grain bullet along extremely-flat trajectories, making it easy to sight in no matter what load you use. It is more than enough bullet for North American game and is considered to be one of the best all-around big game cartridge by many hunters the world ’round.

Both rifles have 24-inch barrels, an overall length of 46.75 inches and weigh 7 pounds. The new X-Bolt Hunter has a suggested retail price of $940, while the more intricate Medallion has an MSRP of $1,040. Real-world prices for the Hunter start under $850 and the Medallion $950.

With many companies dedicating themselves to the ever-popular tactical world of guns, it’s refreshing to know that Browning remains committed to producing these elegant and elevated rifles at competitive prices.

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